Thursday, December 16, 2010

Encouragement from a friend

Here is a note that I received from a friend from France about my book More Questions than Answers, Sharing Faith by Listening:

"FYI - excerpt from a letter I wrote to a friend:


I am now in Seattle with Jan and my darling grandchildren, and feel so grateful and blessed to be able
to spend one week being part of all the various circumstances of their daily lives. I'm working on laying
the foundations for trust and sharing (based on the reading I have done so far in Eleanor Shepherd's book
"More Questions than Answers", about the importance of good listening before any kind of faith sharing),
which I expect will "pay off" in the future course of our relationships.


Thank you, Eleanor, for enumerating many simple, but important principles, which are already paving the way
forward! (I only just received the book upon my arrival in the U.S. and am now in the process of reading through it.)
Blessings and God's provision to you as you promote this uplifting, encouraging and useful book you've written!"

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