Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Call to Intercession

I have been taking you on a journey with me to discover my life as an intercessor. This morning I will tell you about my call to intercession.

We were living in Rueil Malmaison, France at the time. This is one of the western suburbs of Paris. I had begun attending Bible Study Fellowship, an English speaking Bible study group that met in a Baptist church in Rueil Malmaison. A friend from the Bible study was driving me home after our meeting and in the car we chatted about what was happening in our lives. I happened to mention that for some strange reason I had begun to wake early in the morning, and was not able to get back to sleep.

To my surprise, she said to me, “ Do you think the Lord might be calling you to prayer?”

I had to be honest and say that I had not thought that might be a possibility. However, I certainly was willing to consider that. So the next morning when I awoke, I quietly slipped out of bed, crept downstairs so I would not arouse anyone else and settled in a chair in the living room to spend some time in prayer. It was like I had come home. That day I began a routine that has continued every day since. It was over twenty years ago and every day, He awakens me to come and meet with Him. I have never had to depend upon an alarm clock. He knows how much time I will need and awakens me accordingly.

I have to admit there are times when I have arisen reluctantly, only doing so out of obedience. There have been times when I have felt physical exhaustion. Yet, I would not ever want to give up this precious time.

As we continue to travel together, I will try to share with you some of the content of these valuable hours that I am able to spend in intercession.

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